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Interesting stuff from this week.

Dear Santa, I want a new DJI Phanton 4…Video preview

Apartment-Building Boom Looks Set to Ease – Chris Kirkham – WSJ

New-Arena Sticker Shock – Joe Sullivan – Knoxville Mercury

Happy, Smart, and Useful – Derek Sivers

If you didn’t know… The Knoxville-Knox County Minimum Subdivision Regulations is undergoing a major overhaul. Learn more here and here.

Critical Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Before 8 AM – Dr. Travis Bradberry

This Is How You Identify A-Players (In About 10 Minutes) During An Interview – Mitchell Harper

13 major differences between successful and unsuccessful people – Jacquelyn Smith and Shana Lebowitz

What’s the Difference Between Art & Advertising?

University of Tennessee - Football PracticeIt’s Football Time in Tennessee – If you haven’t heard, the Vols are going to kick butt this season. This week I had a chance to attend practice and tour the new football facility.The preparation, staff and resources required to get everyone ready for game day would blow your mind.  Standing on the practice field with the guys you start to realize that they are giants that move really fast.  When I was in school (96 – 00′) we won the national championship and didn’t take any crap from Florida or Alabama. It’s been frustrating to watch the kids over the past few seasons hang their heads in games and give up. This year is going to be a different story. All of the players and staff were great and and I’m really looking forward to this season and the future.

Not SurprisedMillennials don’t think much of themselves, report says. – Jesse J. Holland – Associated Press

Productivity – There are a ton of resources that help you figure out what is important and how to execute. For the past few years I’ve been using Flipboard to get information on things that are important to me, my family and clients. You can curate your own magazine where people can follow and comment on what you’re reading. My “Productivity” magazine has over 2,800 subscribers and I typically post one to two things a day.

Question of the Day – What’s the difference between art and advertising? If you’ve got a business in the City of Knoxville, I hope you were involved in the discussions for the past three plus years about the new sign ordinance. Recently, Magpies Bakery, submitted plans to install a pretty cool looking piece of art on top of their building.

Art or advertising? North Knoxville bakery challenges sign ordinance – Laura Halm – WATE.

The City of Knoxville denied their request and there has been massive outcry in support of the Magpies.  I wonder what people would say if [you name any company] put a piece of “art” on their building on Kingston Pike? Not sure it would be the same response…

Get your popcorn ready, the implementation of the new sign ordinance is going to be a circus.

Food Halls, First Aid Kits and Rules for Being and Entrepreneur

The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur – James Altucher

Developers Move Into Single-Family Rental Homes Sector – Bendix Anderson – NREI Online

How millennials are shopping today – Daphne Howland – Retail Dive

Camping First Aid Kit: DIY First Aid Kit And Ready-Made Products – Nora Taylor – Survival Mastery

The 17 Most Anticipated Food Halls in the USA – Whitney Folloon – Eater

Commercial Real Estate News and Other Interesting Reading

James Beard Award-winner Joseph Lenn to open downtown Knoxville restaurant – Mary Constantine, Knoxville News Sentinel

The causes and consequences of China’s market crash – The Economist

Job Numbers: ‘Solid Foundation’ for Rate Hike – Paul Bubny, GlobeSt

‘Why I can’t get a mortgage’ – Stephen Moore, Washington Times

Where apartment construction is hottest – Diana Olick, CNBC

Estoppels – Why? What? How A Red Light Becomes A Green Light – Ira Meislik, Retail Real Estate Law Ruminations

Chinese company opening U.S. headquarters in Knoxville – Ed Marcum, Knoxville News Sentinel

Friday’s Miscellaneous Debris (Saturday Edition) – Golf, Fantasy Football and Wilco?

Golf. Didn’t get this edition out yesterday because I spent the afternoon at the News Sentinel Open. Had the chance to see two hole in one’s on the 196 yard par 3 on 16 at Fox Den. We also saw a pro shank one in the water which is more my style. Here’s the second round wrap up.
Music. If you’re a Wilco fan (or not) check out this great concert put on for KEXP, the other 90.3 in Seattle. KEXP’s youtube channel has tons of fantastic artist playing great music. Last fall we were at Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion and happened to see Jeff Tweedy (@jefftweedy) and he was fantastic. Please post your favorite music related YouTube channel in the comments section.
Knoxville Restaurants. In case you missed it, I was interviewed by our reporter/broker in residence Josh Flory (@joshdflory) about the Knoxville restaurant scene in Knox Bricks and Mortar.
Boy Scouts. My troop, Troop 6 in Knoxville, TN, is turning 100 this year. It’s been an honor to be a part of this group and reconnecting with old friends to put together our anniversary event later this August. Here’s the New Sentinel article about Troop 6: “Boy Scout Troop 6 celebrates its 100th anniversary” (Knoxville News Sentinel)
Fantasy Football. If you’re one of the 40 million+ people that are getting ready for your fantasy football draft, I’d recommend Football Guys. You can input all of your league rules and they’ll put together a customized cheat sheet for your draft. Additionally, Football Guys was started by Joe Bryant (@joe_bryant) who’s based out of Knoxville, TN!
Other Great Commercial Real Estate, Business and Productivity Articles:

Friday’s Miscellaneous Debris

  • If you love Evernote, you’ll get a kick out of Tim Ferriss’ interview of Evernote’s co-founder and executive chairman, Phil Libin (@plibin) , “What Evernote’s Phil Libin Learned from Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman, and Others.”
  • As rent in Manhattan has continued to rise it’s not too surprising to see that the bodegas are having a hard time keeping up. Read more here: “Bodegas Declining in Manhattan as Rents Rise and Chains Grow (NYTimes)”
  • This week I’ve been reading “The Martian” by Andy Weir. It’s an awesome book and I’d highly recommend. Things can really suck sometimes in the real estate but hey, at least you aren’t stranded on Mars. Movie is coming out in October and here’s the trailer: The Martian | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
  • Have you ever wondered what those blue and yellow 30A stickers were all about? Well last week we went down to northwest Florida to check it out. 30A is a scenic highway running through Fort Walton Beach which is just to the west of Panama City. Other than the drive through the wasteland of a state, Alabama, it is fantastic. We stayed at Seacrest Beach which is in between Rosemary and Alys beach. The sand and ocean are out of this world and great for little kids. If you are an urban planning geek, it’s also fun to see where the architecture and planning firm DPZ & Co. made their mark in New Urbanism with the Seaside Beach project 35 years ago. It was fun walking and riding through the different areas from Rosemary Beach to their latest project on 30A, Alys Beach and see how things have changed over time. Here we are riding our cruiser bikes after dinner:  and a few pictures from my morning walk through Alys Beach .
  • Did you know? The first Friday of every August is International Beer Day.

Friday’s Miscellaneous Debris

Good News from AIA: Architectural Billings Up over 50% Signaling Growth

As you may know, the American Institutes of Architects “Architectural Business Indicator” is an indicator for commercial real estate.

Knoxville’s definitely seeing more commercial and industrial construction along with more land sales as existing building inventory has gone down.

More info from AIA: Business Conditions at Architecture Firms Bounce Back in May

March Review

FebReview - SOLD sign

March Comps of the Week
Cumberland Ave – Sunspot
Kingston Pike – Denton’s
Washington Pike – Shopping Center

News Update
Schulz Brau Brewing Company Coming to Downtown
Schulz Brau Brewing Company is another very cool business coming to that section of downtown bounded by Central, Old Gray Cemetery and Broadway.    Read More

Cumberland Avenue braces for construction
In just 10 days, a flurry of construction will hit one of the most congested roads in Knoxville, and merchants, contractors and city officials alike are bracing for the impact.
Read More

Frussie’s Deli announces move to Gay Street
According to a post on Frussie’s Deli and Sandwich Shoppe’s Facebook page, the South Knoxville business, located at 133 Moody Ave., will be moving to a Gay Street storefront in June.   Read More

The Rise of the ‘Expat-preneur’
On a weeknight in Singapore, I found myself in a speakeasy bar sipping cocktails with some of the city’s top startups and investors. As local and expat entrepreneurs mingled, I was struck by how comfortable the expats were in this foreign startup environment and how many had successfully built companies there.    Read More

Chefs Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi Reimagine Fast Food
Two prominent California chefs have founded Loco’l, a new approach to fast food that provides nutritious and delicious fare in some of the country’s poorest neighborhoods.
Read More

7 Proven Ways To Write Emails That Get Replies
Effective email writing boils down to one thing: Mind Reading. Really.
Read More

Millennials nix their parents’ treasures
A seismic shift of stuff is underway in homes all over America. Members of the generation that once embraced sex, drugs and rock-and-roll are trying to offload their place settings for 12, family photo albums and leather sectionals.    Read More

February Review

FebReview - SOLD sign

February Comps of the Week
Shopping Center Sale Comp
Downtown Sale Comp – Keener Lighting Building
Kingston Pike Sale Comp – Bella Boutique
Kingston Pike Retail Sale Comp – Aldi

News Update
Knoxville colder, snowier than normal last month
Colder-than-normal conditions hit Knoxville last month, and the city received much more snow than average, according to the National Weather Service.

Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin opens Monday, March 2
NOW OPEN: Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin will open its first Knoxville restaurant at 6:30 a.m. Monday, March 2.

Knoxville’s first Whole Foods to open in March
It’s been four years in the making, but Knoxville’s first Whole Foods location is opening next month, according to its website.

Former Blackberry Farm staff bring their influence to Knoxville’s culinary scene
While Matt Gallaher busies himself prepping for evening service at Knox Mason, Drew McDonald is nearing the end of his day at the Plaid Apron. Maggie Davidson will hit the sack early in preparation for tomorrow’s pre-dawn sifting and measuring at Flour Head Bakery while Jeff Carter switches gears from lunch to dinner service at Bistro by the Tracks. All the while Dustin Busby is busy feeding and watering his livestock at Century Harvest Farm.

Target Attempts to Shrink the Box
Target is trying out its smallest format yet. Target Express, a pharmacy-size, 20,000-square-foot store, opened last July near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

LongHorn Steakhouse opens second Knoxville location
The 6,212-square-foot restaurant will seat more than 240 guests and will create approximately 80-100 new jobs, according to the company.

Two Condos Fused to Solve a Space Crunch
Combining two condos to make one large unit adds coveted square footage. But the combo-condo boosts property values as well.

Job Market Perks Up for Recent College Graduates
The job market for fresh college graduates is improving—as is the method for measuring the success of graduates.

Will Smith’s ‘Focus’ tops box office with $19.1 million
Will Smith’s con-man caper “Focus” dethroned “Fifty Shades of Grey” at the box office, but the film’s modest $19.1 million opening still left questions about the drawing power of the once unstoppable star.

What It’s Like to Work at the Waffle House for 24 Hours Straight
I remember my first time. I was 17 and a little tipsy.

How Power Centers Have Been Redefined
No longer dominated by traditional big-box retailers, today’s power centers offer the needs-based stores and services to which consumers are drawn,Donahue Schriber Realty Group’s chairman and CEO Pat Donahue tells GlobeSt.com.

In New Omnichannel Era, Investors Wonder Whether Retail or Industrial is Better Play
Will Brick-and-Mortar Stores Still Dominate Sales Channel in Omnichannel Mix, or Does Industrial Property Stand to Reap Most Benefit from Trend?