Sometimes you need a swift…

Earlier this week, the Greater Knoxville Business Journal published the sixth annual commercial real estate awards issue.

I was fortunate to win the “Deal of the Year” award but didn’t realize that the Business Journal would be posting a link to my blog,, in the article.

Looking back I realized that my last post, 53 questions to ask before hiring a commercial real estate practitioner, was published in March of 2016!

I’m sure that I’m not the first (or the last) person that will start a blog, get busy with other stuff and forget to post.

It’s been six months since I joined the team at Avison Young and it’s awesome. I’ve got great clients, projects and a new team, so it’s time to work the blog back in to the schedule.

I’ll plan on posting about once a month to start and if it goes well, will increase the frequency. If there’s anything you’d like for me to talk about, please let me know.

I’m active on Twitter and LinkedIn so please follow me if you’re interested in what’s going on in Knoxville and commercial real estate.



Why aren’t you getting up early?

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/now – If you’re interested in what I’m focused on these days check out my new “now” page, I plan on updating every once and a while. NowNowNow is an initiative of Derek Sivers and is pretty cool, learn more about it here:

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That’s me on a billboard on Kingston Pike near Harper Audi. That photo was taken a couple hours earlier after early voting. Who says digital billboards aren’t cool?

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