Friday’s Miscellaneous Debris (Late Edition)

Eggs: Do you eat eggs? For breakfast, I’ll typically have a whole egg with then two egg whites with spinach, beans and salsa. It’s pretty healthy but occasionally I need a cheat day. Big Ass Fried EggIf you’re going to cheat you might as well fix cheese eggs. The best cheese eggs in the world are from the one and only Waffle House. Here’s their secret recipe for cheese eggs. Here are six other ways to cooks eggs if you aren’t in to american cheese.

Chip and Pin: Swipe to pay is on the way out and “chip and pin” is in. I used my Apple Pay for the first time and it’s super simple. This is going to be a big shift for retailers and customers this October. Square Trying To Help Small Businesses Meet October Deadline For New Chip and Pin Credit Cards (Consumerist).

Books: If you haven’t gotten the memo, you should read at least ten books a year. I’m always looking for ideas and would appreciate suggestions! Here’s a good looking list: 10 Success Books That People In Their Thirties Should Read (Lifehacker). Please leave suggestions in the comments section below.

Showers: One of my favorite things about vacation is the chance to shower outside. One of my complaints about our place at Seacrest Beach, FL was that we didn’t have a proper outdoor shower like our house in Folly Beach, SC. Here’s a list of 29 outdoor showers that look pretty cool.

Focus:  How in the world do you get things done without having a proper to do list or checklist? One of my favorite books is “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right” by Atul Gawande. I put a lot of effort in thinking through a proper checklist for my projects and how I plan my day. This one page day planner by Brendon Bruchard is really great and helps me get things done and moving forward. This article brings up some good points about freeing up time to focus on the important stuff, How To Stop To-Do Lists From Ruining Your Life (The Guardian).