What’s the Difference Between Art & Advertising?

University of Tennessee - Football PracticeIt’s Football Time in Tennessee – If you haven’t heard, the Vols are going to kick butt this season. This week I had a chance to attend practice and tour the new football facility.The preparation, staff and resources required to get everyone ready for game day would blow your mind.  Standing on the practice field with the guys you start to realize that they are giants that move really fast.  When I was in school (96 – 00′) we won the national championship and didn’t take any crap from Florida or Alabama. It’s been frustrating to watch the kids over the past few seasons hang their heads in games and give up. This year is going to be a different story. All of the players and staff were great and and I’m really looking forward to this season and the future.

Not SurprisedMillennials don’t think much of themselves, report says. – Jesse J. Holland – Associated Press

Productivity – There are a ton of resources that help you figure out what is important and how to execute. For the past few years I’ve been using Flipboard to get information on things that are important to me, my family and clients. You can curate your own magazine where people can follow and comment on what you’re reading. My “Productivity” magazine has over 2,800 subscribers and I typically post one to two things a day.

Question of the Day – What’s the difference between art and advertising? If you’ve got a business in the City of Knoxville, I hope you were involved in the discussions for the past three plus years about the new sign ordinance. Recently, Magpies Bakery, submitted plans to install a pretty cool looking piece of art on top of their building.

Art or advertising? North Knoxville bakery challenges sign ordinance – Laura Halm – WATE.

The City of Knoxville denied their request and there has been massive outcry in support of the Magpies.  I wonder what people would say if [you name any company] put a piece of “art” on their building on Kingston Pike? Not sure it would be the same response…

Get your popcorn ready, the implementation of the new sign ordinance is going to be a circus.

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