City of Knoxville Sign Ordinance Update

Last night, Knoxville City Council passed a sign ordinance that will become effective immediately.

This is going to have a big impact on business and property owners.

If you fall in to any of the above categories and haven’t been keeping track of this you might have just missed the boat.

If you are selling or leasing a vacant building in the City of Knoxville make sure that your signs are well maintained so you don’t get reported.

Here are a few links with more information:

Some Knoxville signs will come down sooner than others (KNS)

Knoxville City Council passes sign ordinance limiting height (WATE)

City Council gives final OK for new sign ordinance (KNS)

Knoxville City Council approves new sign dimensions (WBIR)

Knoxville sign ordinance debate may not be over (KNS)

Editorial: Council should return to original sign ordinance (KNS)

City of Knoxville – Sign Permits and Inspections

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